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This website presents a historical record of the
Westside Church of Christ. Though no longer meeting
at the site below its mission lives on through its former
members and their gifts. Here is a description of the
congregation taken from their visitor pamphlet
and a photograph of their former building.

The Need…

The Westside Church of Christ is unique. It is the
only Japanese Church of Christ congregation in
the United States.

There are approximately 150,000 Japanese Americans in the United States. Of this total, 75,000 or approximately half of the Japanese American population is centered in Los Angeles.

There is a great need for the Lord's work to be carried on among the Japanese American people.

Westside is endeavoring to carry on this work.

We are supporting two full time ministers. Yoshio Nonaka is working the Japanese speaking group. He previously worked at Ibaraki Christian College in Japan. Kenneth T. Robb, who is doing graduate work at Pepperdine College, is the minister for the English speaking group. He recently became a minister, after having served at Westside since February 1962 as director of education.

Our English speaking services have been averaging 65 people. The Japanese speaking services have been averaging 50. Our Bible School attendance averages 150 children every Sunday.

Presently we hold services in a multi-purpose education building. We hold some of our Bible School classes in an old building which is situated next to the education building. This old building will be torn down, and our new building is to be built on this site.

A new building is imperative at this time, if the Lord's work is to expand in this area.

The Goal…

The new building will double our capacity to serve the Lord in this community.

Our Hope…

The new building will open a new horizon for the work among the Japanese people here in Los Angeles.

Future plans would include a mission training program in conjunction with Pepperdine College. Mission minded young Christians could come and work with the Japanese people here at Westside. This would help the work here, and at the same time, help prepare these young people for missionary work in other countries.

Our Plea…

The Elders and Deacons have shown great faith in setting the course for this new building. The congregation is confident that it is God's will.

The task will not be easy for a small congregation such as ours. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! We are still $56,000 short of our goal. We ask for your prayers that our building program will be a success. If you can help in any way, please address all correspondence to:
Westside Church of Christ
2531 West Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90018


Ritoshi Masato, Harunosuke Nomura, Yasutaro Takahashi


Joe Aibashi, Susami Nogaki, Nori Sekino, Masao Takata