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My Memories of Westside Church of Christ

I don' t remember the exact dates I attended
Westside Church of Christ the first time- 1959
to 1963, after which I became a member of the
Crenshaw Church of Christ. Delmar and Nancy
Bunn were instrumental in my being at Westside.
I can't seem to remember any specific incidents
or experiences except to say I enjoyed the fellowship
of fellow Christians. Joy (daughter) asked if she could
attend "J School (Japanese Language School) with the
Japanese students. I spoke to two Japanese ladies and was
assured Joy would be welcome, hopeful thatshe would not drop out.
She attended " J" school even after we moved out of the area in 1963. As a
result of that experience, Joy was an exchange student to Japan in her second year
of College.

I returned to worship at Westside Church of Christ in May 1980 to October 1982. I have two notebooks full of sermon notes from many speakers: Alan Jang, John Greene,

Uphat (?), Logan Fox, Ken Waters, Keith Curtis, Joe Aiboshi, John Matsumoto, Roy Holmes, Michio Nagai, Pete Jackson, Fred Medinas, Mike Gast, Fred Dominguez, Tyrone Allen, Charles Flores, David Ladd, Woody Square, Sean Moore, David Fritz, Pat Hardy, Darryl Shimazu, to name just a few.

Daughter Carol remembers attending Sunday School class taught by Frances Ito. She also remembers the combined services held once a month with a pot luck meal that followed the service.

I am sorry that I can't remember the many friends I (we) met-Tosh and Joe Aiboshi, Nori and Kay Sekino, Margaret and Frances Ito, et al.

Geneva Simmons