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My Memories of Westside Church of Christ

When our children were ready and old enough to
attend church (around 1957), we decided to send
them to Westside Church of Christ. Although I was
a member of another church, my husband George
wanted them to attend Westside since he was a
member in the pre-war days (circa 1930).

Daughter Karen and cousin Lynn especially have many
fond memories (and I have asked them to share some
of their experiences) as they were deeply involved in many
church activities and church camp. In those days, the young people were very active.

Nori Sekino was instrumental in getting me to attend Westside Church of Christ in the 1950's and then we were privileged to make the acquaintance of the wonderful Christian couple, Joe & Tosh Aiboshi, who have been the "glue" that has held the church together all of these years (of course, with God's help!).

Although I have been a Christian all of my life, I renewed my faith at Westside by being baptized in the late '60s (by Mike Gose).

In the latter years, Westside did not have a regular minister (sermons were given mostly by Pepperdine students) and I felt I needed more help if I were to grow as a Christian. Reluctantly, I left Westside three years ago to attend West Adams Christian Church.

Westside will always hold a very dear spot in my heart. I remember the Bible study class led by Mr. and Mrs. Gose, Mike's often unusual sermons, the songs led by Marlon Ray and the lessons that Karen learned through Jeannie Ray, Ken and Nelmarie Robb, the Waldrons and such wonderful memories of the Issei congregation. Heartfelt thanks to the Aiboshis, the Sekino girls, Daryl Shimazu and John Matsumoto who were always there to make everyone feel so welcome.

God bless all of you!

Mary Karatsu

Fumi Karatsu at right
Mrs. Yukawa
Rev. Ishiguro




Tomi Shigekun, Michio Magai, Mr. Ishiguro, Mrs. Karatsu, Haruko Yoshimune, Kay Moritani, Mrs. Nagata, Chiye Moritani, Mrs. Nagai, Hideo Karatsu, Miwako Karatsu, Jimmy Sokabe




Love all the furs at the beach picnic...Mom in center.