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My Memories of Westside Church of Christ

In 1959 the Westside Church was the first one
of its kind that I had ever attended. My sister-in-law
Geneva Simmons introduced me to it and invited
me to come with her, having no knowledge of its
biblical teaching except what Geneva told me,
"There is only one Church. " I thought I'd better
investigate. To my surprise I found a lot of answers
to my questions about God and Jesus from the sermons
at Westside that I never learned from the Episcopal Church
fromwhich I was raised. Needless to say, Westside became my
spiritual family.Delmar Bunn was the minister. He baptized me and gave me a
Bible. His wife was named Nancy-she was very sweet and kind. Young Frances
Ito was my son' s teacher at age 2 years. I remember having fellowships and
pot luck luncheons at the building where we were able to taste different kinds
of Japanese foods. That was a very happy and pleasant time. I remember Joe
and Tosh Aiboshi, a very nice couple. The picnics on the campus of Pepperdine
College on 79th. I have very fond memories of our Westside family.

Patricia Simmons