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Hirosuke Ishiguro/Westside Scholarship Recipients

(updated 10/20/09)

Cliff Barbarick completed his M.Div. in 2005 and
is now a Ph.D. candidate in New Testament at Baylor
University. As he writes his dissertation, he is also
serving as Visiting Instructor in Religion at Pepperdine.

Roslyn Bennett continues her role as Youth Minister
of the University Church of Christ in Malibu, where she
has served since 2004 and full time since 2006.

Ryan Bien completed his M.S. in 2006 and is now the Campus Team Developer for Let’s Start Talking in Bedford, TX—a ministry that uses English conversation classes as a means of evangelism in non-English-speaking countries around the world.

Matt Bush completed his M.Div. in the Summer of 2009 and continues to serve as Worship Minister for the Culver Palms Church of Christ in Los Angeles.

Erin Calderon is in the final semester of her M.Div. work, after which she and her husband, Dennis, will be moving to Miami.

Gincy Hartin completed his M.S. in 2005 and his M.Div. in 2008.  He is now Associate Minister of Administration for the Southwest Christian Church in Ft. Worth, TX.

Zach Love completed his M.S. in the Summer of 2009 and is now working toward a Master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at Pepperdine’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology.

Jay Parmelee is nearing completion of his joint J.D.-M.Div. program, dividing his time between the Pepperdine School of Law and the Religion Division at Seaver College.

Jen Rogers is now in her third year as Director of Student Ministries at Abilene Christian University.

Holly Tallon completed her M.S. in 2004.  Since 2006 she has lived in St. Andrews, Scotland, where her husband Luke, also a Pepperdine alum, pursued a Ph.D. in theology.  Currently Holly, Luke, and their two children are in transition to St. John, Barbados, where Luke will teach in the theological college affiliated with the University of the West Indies.